Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lots to write and post here,,,,,but

I cannot post this in or/on my general blog. And, yet, even here, I cannot elaborate right now. Hard and strange for me. . .a woman that elaborates and shares in most cases, TOO much!

But, I ask YOU? Pray for my oldestson Sean. Pray for New Beginings. Health. Insight. Pray that he chooses a better path. A future. Pray that he understands he is LOVED.

And, I hope and pray as well. He's been a lost young soul for so long. I want him to grow,,,seek NEW paths and direction. Please pray that he doesn't lose sight ,,,,,,,

His course, at last, seems changed,,,,,,,a new life? A New beginning? I hope he is given HOPE above all,,,,,,,in his journey!

Thank you SO much for your thoughts And Prayers,,,,,I know this is as bit vague,,but Sean needs us all in his journey~

Hugs and LOVE for your support and prayers!

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  1. You have my prayers as does Sean. Been there, done that, and it will all come out OK in the end. Hang in there friend.